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Amy lives in Chesaning, MI with her husband Jason, and their son Truman. Jason and Amy went to high school together but did not really get to know each other until she came home to Michigan for a visit at Christmas. The Danek's have been married for five years, and now have a son who is eight months old. Truman is blond haired blue eyed stud. He loves to smile, stand and crawl around.

Amy graduated from Michigan State University with a BA in English, and then received her Teaching Certification from SVSU. She and her husband both teach for Montrose Community Schools. Amy is a seventh grade writing teacher, and exploratory Spanish teacher. Her husband teaches eighth grade U.S. History and also is the varsity basketball coach at Chesaning High School.
In her spare time she enjoys reading fiction and books highlighted in the Oprah Book Club. Amy has done a lot of traveling and hopes to do more in the future. To date Amy has been to 14 countries and says that Italy, Costa Rica, Estonia and Mexico were here favorites. She also loves to travel to see her sister in Los Angeles and spends a lot of time with her parents and in-laws who live in Chesaning. Throughout her life she has lived in Mexico, Estonia, Chicago, California, and now in Chesaning, Michigan. Amy said that her life is surrounded by being a parent and teacher these days.
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My First

My Name....
By Amy Danek
My name in the kitchen is Disaster
I can read and follow instructions in any recipe
but the final result is never appetizing.
My husband will wander in and say,
“Are you sure you put the flour in after the eggs?”
My family will get that look
when they taste my concoctions.
The one that says
how can we come up with words for this?
If just once something were to turn out
I might continue
but until that time
My name in the kitchen is Disaster

The day was finally there. My mom's shock seemed genuine when she burst into tears as all of her closest friends and family members yelled, "SUPRISE!" She had never had a suprise party in her life and had hinted for years and years that she would like one. My dad, sister and I had gotten this together and had actually pulled it off. We had two beautiful cakes (banana and carrot), roses in vases on each table, candles flickering, gift table overflowing and 80 people who were there to celebrate my mom's 60 years on this earth.
We had also procured one of the hottest bands in the area, the Saucecats. The Saucecats were becoming somewhat of a phenomenon in the Saginaw area, but had also begun to perform at festivals and bars across the country. They were an eight person band with a Zydeco feel that included an acordian, a washboard, bass, trumpet and many other instruments. To get the audience involved they loaned out other instruments such as a tambourine, maracas and rubbing sticks.
After my relief at pulling off the seemingly perfect suprise party and also being influenced by a glass or two of white wine, I took to the dance floor. The tambourine was thrust into my hands, or had I forceably grabbed it from a party goer next to me- I'm not sure, but either way I started to make music. I danced around the floor with an abandon that only small children seem to have shaking my tambourine as I went. I wasn't caring about who was watching or whether I was dancing with the latest moves I just let loose for the sake of letting loose and man did it feel good.
Looking at pictures later the embarrassment would come, the excuses about drinking too much wine, but in that moment when I was twirling around the dance floor, hair flying and tambourine rattling I felt as if I was literally as free as a bird.