Update 1/25/10 This project is part of a class that is now offered online at Bath High School and is required to graduate. This is a link to the website and this specific project. We will update this website yearly, so feel free to come back and visit our site to see what changes we've made!
Bath High School Senior Seminar Final Unit and Exit Project

  • The purpose of this project is to have students explore a global issue that will affect their and the world's future.
  • The culminating piece of this project is a multimedia presentation that students will create and show to their peers.
  • The text that accompanies this project is The World is Flat by Thomas Friedman. We only read chapter 2.
  • For original source materials on the videos we use, please check out and

All documents and resources are available on the above website. The website was created in googlesites; all documents are in googledocs.
The videos need quicktime to play; I converted them from their original formats using zamzar . The quality is lower, but the file size is small enough to imbed in a wiki or googlesite. For the original video files, go to
If you have any questions, please contact me at

*Please note: I was able to get permission from some but not all of the seniors. However, because their files were saved in their school folders, their work is actually school property. Please use your discretion.

Also, since these projects were not created for profit, students did not get permission for the music files that accompany their projects. They did cite their sources, but, according to Troy, this may not cover their or our behinds sufficiently. PLEASE use your discretion and protect my students (and, well, me).