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Babies are great. They're beautiful little people who bring joy to most people lives. They need you and appreciate the things that mama and daddy does. They don't talk back, just smiles and sleeps. Everyday a baby does something that makes mama and daddy say, "oooo, aaaaah, wow."
Only a mama really know about the first experience in having the little pride and joy. Listen carefully while I venture down memory lane. I woke up March 10, 1980, Monday morning at 5:00 0'clock because I thought I had to use the restroom. To my surprise my water had broke. Finding my husband was the next project. He had decided to sleep in the den instead of coming to bed. At that time, our bedroom was on the third floor, our den on the first floor. It was not a joy to walk down the stairs, water flowing, and leaving a puddle with each step.
After finding him, I had to convince him that the baby was on it's way and I needed to go to the hospital. He expected me to be in pain, yelling and screaming. (watching t.v. too much) When he finally realized that he was about to become a father, and he didn't want the baby to be born in the den, he started hyper-ventilating. Now, I have to find a way to calm him down. It took fifteen minutes.
Our next procedure was to get me to the hospital and no gas in the car. After all, how did he know that the baby would choose that particular day. The doctor had told us the baby's arrival date was March 26, 1980. Lucky for us the gas station was on the corner of our street. So, my husband, being the courageous protector, made everyone stop pumping their gas by yelling " Everyone stop, my wife is having a baby!" The gas station attendance gave us the gas free.
I finally made it to the hospital, with a two car police escort. My husband was speeding, blowing the car horn, and running lights like a crazy man. I guess the policemen felt they needed to help him or delivery the baby. Well, to make a long story short, Trevais D. Walker, our pride and joy was born Tuesday, March 11, 1980 at 2:03p.m.