Motivating Struggling Writers - Using Technology

A professional development under the auspices of Project Write, Red Cedar Writing Project and Ingham ISD

Facilitators: Dawn Reed and Elana Waugh

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Technology Tools

Our meeting notes about Wordle:
Ways to use Wordle:
  • Finding a main idea
  • Book reports
  • Summary
  • Word Study
  • Poems
  • Recreate poems
  • Connection with art
  • Introductory materials for the beginning of the year – students identify their common experiences
  • Synonyms
  • Antonyms
  • vocabulary
Reasons we think its cool:
  • Helps visual learners
  • Fewer words – so it may be more accessible to some students

Make Belief Comix
Giggle Poetry
RSS in Plain English
Blog Resources & Articles
7 Things You Should Know About Blogs
2 Cents Worth
Joe Freidhoff's Tech Handouts
Will Richardson's Quickstart Guide to RSS
Podcast Resources & Articles
Podcasting in Plain English
7 Things You Should Know About Podcasting
Tutorial on Using Audacity
LAME MP3 Encoder

"This I Believe"

Digital Voices
Beyond the Walls
Basic English
Youth Voices
8th Grade Drama
Wiki Resources & Articles
Wikis in Plain English
7 Things You Should Know About Wikis
Wikipedia Celebrates 750 Years...
PBwiki FAQs Handout
Poet Wiki

21st Century World
Did you know? 2.0
Our Future
Lesson Ideas
10 Big Shifts for the Read Write Web

Digital Storytelling

Public Domain Music
AKM Music
Podcafe Music Network
Examples and Resources
Under death’s shadow: Tragedy in Darfur. In Time Photo Essay.
BBC Wales – Digital Storytelling:
Center for Digital Storytelling:
Digital Storytelling:
Digital Storytelling Cookbook:
Educational Uses of Digital Storytelling:
Information Today:
KQED Digital Storytelling Initiative:
NAF - Pearson Foundation:
Teaching Teachers:
Tech Head Stories:
Digital Storytelling about The Crucible

Digital Picture Books

Examples from Kevin Hodgson
Power Point activities

Reading Selection

Teaching the New Writing Technology, Change, and Assessment in the 21st Century Classroom
  • Explain a basic overview of the chapter.
  • What was particularly interesting to you in the chapter?
  • How could you use the information discussed in the chapter at your grade level or others?
    What issues would be a challenge in using the technology concept in the chapter?
  • What issues do you have with concepts posed in the chapters?
  • How might the concept explored in the chapter help struggling writers or not help struggling writers?

Resources and Ideas

Michigan Department of Education & Technology

Online Experience
Companion Document

Articles Related to Literacy and/or Technology

Medieval Help Desk
Teachers Teaching Teachers
Educating the Net Generation
Time's Person of the Year: You
Now It's Your Turn
eSchool News
The Gurian Institute on Boys
The Onion
Chinese try out text msg novel
National Center for Learning Disabilities
Multitasking article

Questioning Internet Sources
Tree Octopus
Dihydrogen Monoxide Research

Other Examples
Ms. Madrid Language Arts Class
The Great Gatsby amusement park analysis 1
The Great Gatsby amusement park analysis 2
RCWP six-word novels

Social Awareness Student Example

Struggling Writers Exit Survey
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