Writing Topic: Hot or Cold? Compare or link someone close to you to a type of breakfast cereal. Explain your thinking through writing.

I would say my daughter is like the cereal Rice Krispies. She has the Snap, Krackle, Pop attitude, she is sweet, but could be sweeter. She has an addictive personality that is like eating the rice krispy treats, can't walk past them without getting one. I would say my mother is like warm oatmeal with pecans, raisins, and brown sugar. A type of cereal that is comforting, very healthy for you, and just reminds you of home.

Homework: My favorite object

Today we brought in objects that are meaningful, my collegues brought in pictures of vacations and mementos, and awards. I brought in my crockpot cook book which I use regularly have to use to provide hot meals for my family while I am working. One of my favorite things to do is cook, unfortunately I have limited time to cook. Cooking reminds me of my grandmother which was an excellent cook and baker. She would make homemade biscuits that were better than KFC, and pies galore. I was given a set of cookbooks that belonged to her from my aunt and I need to dig in to see what notes she put in the book. My fellow teachers objects remind me of awards, pictures, and mementos from my past that I would like to keep forever. I used to have a fake white flower that a boy gave to me that I stood up with in a fashion show that I have held on to. I bought charms to add to my bracelet from various places.