The Sad Murder Of A Little Girl
By: Anita Relerford

It all started when the little girl was young and mistreated. First, when she came out of the hospital room when she was
first born everybody knew that she was a gift because she had a lot of problems coming out of the room. From the time she
was born she was always went through a lot of issues because she would always be sick or have an infection. She would always
have those problems because her mother didn’t take care of either one of them properly. Her mother was dark skinned about
5 foot 5 and real big. Second, from the ages of 1 ½ to 5 she would be going to other family members houses because her mom was to irresponsible to take care of her so other people in my family would like my mom, brother, and I were doing some since she was born. She would be going from family member (s) to family member (s) because whenever we would see her she would always come back with something wrong with her. Third, at the age of 6 her mom came back down from Phoenix, Arizona to get Perjah because she missed her but everyone in the family knew that that was the wrong thing because my mom, brother, and I took the best care of her. She was there in Arizona with her mom and boyfriend and that was when more of the beatings began. His family was never in the picture until the incident happened and he was taking to trial. Perjah was always being beat by all of her mom’s boyfriends’ without her mom doing anything about it but help them beat her. Perjah was taken away from her mom and my mom was given full custody because of her sister’s behavior and the behaviors of her boyfriends’. At the custody hearing of Perjah Relerford there was a lot of things being said.

“We’re her for the custody battle over Perjah Relerford, correct?’’ The judge said
“Yes that is correct, your honor.” The attorneys’ answered in unison
“I’m here to get the custody of my niece Perjah Relerford because she is not in the best care of her mother’s.” Miranda said
“That’s a lie and you know it.” Eyondra scolded
“Why do you say that Ms. Relerford?’’ The judge questioned
“Your honor, she has all kinds of bruises, burns, scratches, and scars on her little body.” Miranda answered
“She’s lying your honor I take good care if my child.” Eyondra said
“Do you have any proof of that acquisition, ma’am?” The judge questioned
“Yes, I do your honor, and here they are.” Miranda answered
“Wow, these are quite some photos.” The judge said disgusted
“Well, that’s all I need to see to answer my questions. The custody of Perjah Relerford is now in favor of the plaintiff Miranda Relerford, have a nice day ladies and gentleman.” The judge said.

Whenever the family would call up there to see how they were doing Eyondra would lie and say that everything is good and
there’s nothing they need or nothing to worry about. But, behind it all she was lying. Perjah stood about 4 foot 1 beautiful
brown skin shoulder length hair and had a pretty smile. Whenever we would get on the phone and ask Perjah was everything
alright she would say yeah but, we knew better than that. When we would see pictures of her she would be one color in one
spot and another color in another spot. But, she would still be looking so beautiful with that million dollar smile. It was
between 11:30 pm and 12:00 am when she was rushed to the ER do to the severe damage he had done to her. She was in ICU
do to her battered body and her trauma. Before she even got to the hospital she was basically already dead because her skull
was fractured and cracked and her body being badly beaten and looking all wrong. It was in the summer of 2007 when she
was suppose to come down and see the family but she was murdered a week before and I was at my families house when we
got the phone call that would soon change my life and its whole prospect. That was the news that Perjah died. I had a panic attack and started hyperventilating because my baby cousin died before I did. She died on July 8, 2007 and was sent down here to Flint, Michigan where we had the funeral service at Elshaddai Ministries on July 12, 2007.

Her mother was pregnant when she came down here and after the funeral was over she tried to stay down here in Flint but was soon extradited back to Pheonix where both him and her were sent to trial. Then, she tried to stay down here acting like her little girl didn’t just die and nothing just happened. He is now facing a life sentence in jail but not before he had to go through the Court of Appeals to sentence him. She is currently married, not in jail (yet), had another little girl but she is soon going to be sentenced but she’s trying to come back down again because she doesn’t want to live up there anymore. She doesn’t want to live down there anymore because she is now coming to the realization of what she did and let her boyfriends’ do to her baby. Oh yeah, she married to a different man now.

R.I.P. Perjah Relerford
12/29/01 – 7/8/07

Teacher: Tammy Reese