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The words echoed over and over in my head. "She's a natural!" My Uncle Frank's words found a special place in my heart because there was no bigger compliment that he could give me. It was beautiful, chilly October day. The golds and crimson reds encircled the small air field and the sky was the blue we Michigander's only see in the fall. I waited but not patiently as Frank took first Dad, then Mom and my brother up in his small airplane that he used to crop dust from Michigan to Louisiana. He had been known in our family as a dare devil since his youth because he became a special type of pilot that history names as a 'Barn Stormer.' My anticipation grew until I thought I was going to explode as the other members of family got their chance to touch the clouds. My dad climbed down from the mechanical bird with a grin on his face, my mom was a ghostly white and my little brother couldn't get off fast enough! Finally, it's my turn!
Getting into the front seat of that plane took forever but take off preparation was complete, the prop was rotating and we were on the move.

Praise = The beginning of you writing kept me reading to find out more. Good job. kept my attention.

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